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We are not a retailer that sells gear so We've no overhead, meaning our installation expenses tend to be lower than any electronics retail store. We are insured. Ask for a quotation Luna Tech Centreville, VA 20121

Transmission Line – An arrangement of two or maybe more conductors, a coaxial cable, or a waveguide used to transfer signal energy from one particular location to another.

Network quality ability conditioning protects from harming surges and disruptive sound. Sound state automated voltage regulation boosts lower input voltage up to thirty% and trims superior voltage approximately twelve% devoid of battery operation. Reliable battery back again-up capacity to electrical power by means of outages or gracefully shutdown systems

Rated Temperature – The most temperature at which An electrical element can work for prolonged intervals without having loss of its standard Attributes.

About We put in TV in addition to a/V wiring. We offer various choices for obtaining and transmitting audio and video in essentially the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing way possible.

Audio – A phrase utilised to explain sounds in the selection of human hearing. Also utilized to describe units which happen to be built to operate inside of this selection (twenty Hz to 20 kHz).

Comfort that comes with full devices compatibility and dependability of a pacesetter Supplies pure sine wave output which is usually recommended by server producers employing active energy element corrected (PFC) electrical power materials.

Balun – A tool for matching an unbalanced coaxial transmission line to your well balanced two-wire procedure. Can also deliver impedance transformation, as three hundred ohm well balanced to seventy five ohm unbalanced.

Ohm – The unit of electrical resistance. The value of resistance through which a potential distinction of one volt will sustain a existing of one ampere.

Polyurethane (PUR) – Wide course of polymers observed permanently abrasion and solvent resistance. Is often in reliable or mobile type. This thermoplastic product is made use of primarily as being a cable jacket content.

Conductivity – The flexibility of a cloth to allow electrons to circulation, measured by The existing for each device of voltage applied. It's the reciprocal of resistivity.

We're going to make certain high-quality Manage all over the approach and attempt to exceed your expectations Every single phase of the best way.

Abrasion Stripper – Much more properly referred to as “buffing stripper”, which is a motorized system for taking away flat cable insulation by way of a few buffing wheels that melt the insulation and brush it faraway from the conductors.

Microphonics – Sound attributable to mechanical excitation Data Cabling VA of a method ingredient. In an individual-conductor pop over here microphone cable, for instance, microphonics might be brought on by the protect rubbing in opposition to the dielectric because the cable is flexed.

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